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Harry S. Patten has an outstanding list of accomplishments and success stories that is due only to his hard work and perseverance throughout his adult life. However, he was only one semester shy of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) in 1958. Based on his life experiences, which were translated into course credits, the officials of UNH voted to award Harry his Bachelors of Arts degree from the University in 2012. University officials and the Board of Trustees all agreed that Harry’s life experiences exceeded the requirements needed for completing his dream of a college degree.

In 2013, Harry was invited to join the University of New Hampshire Foundation Board, which is the governing board for the University. The UNH Foundation was established in 1989 to build private support for the University of New Hampshire. The energetic team of dedicated professionals works in concert with the University to strengthen programs, support deserving students, provide opportunities for the faculty, enhance facilities, and address other areas of need.

Harry is proud to be a Wildcat supporter.

In June 2016 the Patten Family Foundation made a grant to support the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) through the Wildcatalysts Network. The ECenter’s goal, as an independent entity, is to support ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship through co-curricular programming. The Foundation also made an additional gift to UNH to support the recruitment initiatives to bring in students from outside New Hampshire and to increase the University’s reputation in New Hampshire, the US and abroad.

Sponsored by Harry Patten '58, the innovative i2 Passport Program rewards students for engaging in ideas and entrepreneurship activities on campus with the chance to win $35,000 in cash prizes to help pay off student loans and tuition, with an additional focus on FirstGen students (first in family to attend college). i2P encourages students to start to explore and understand ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship and how they might incorporate aspects into their personal and academic lives. This involvement is then rewarded in Passport Visa Stamps Credits and the chance to win prizes totaling $35,000 ($17,500 per semester).

This spring concluded the 5th semester of i2P. The spring 2019 semester winners were:

  • 1st Prize of $6,000: Jessica Nelson '21 (Paul College)
  • 2nd Prize of $3,000: Arsalan Khan '19 (Paul College)
  • 3rd Prize of $2,000: Jennah Landgraf '22 (CEPS)
  • FirstGen Prize of $2,000: Anupreet Saini '20 (Paul College)
  • Raffle Prize Drawing of $2,000: Jamie Nelson '20 (Paul College)
  • Raffle Prize Drawing of $2,000: Shania Robinson '22 (Paul College)

While accepting her $6,000 giant check, Jessica Nelson '21 commented, "I truly believe that i2 Passport is the difference between just studying entrepreneurship and actually starting a business." Added $3,000 winner Arsalan Khan '19, "I'm an international student and I never thought I'd be participating in a program like this. i2 Passport gives you a platform to make your entrepreneurship dreams a reality." Congratulations to all the winners and great job on all your hard work this semester!


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Patten Family Foundation Expands Support for UNH’s Entrepreneurship Center

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UNH alum donates $50,000 to support Entrepreneurship Center: Money will launch two new programs for students

UNH President Mark Huddleston presenting Harry Patten with his diploma.

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